BRW quotes Living LOHAS© Research

Mobium Group is featured in this week's Business Review Weekly (BRW) magazine in the article, "Force of Nature" 

Quoting Mobium's Green Products and the GFC' snapshot report, journalist Kath Walters writes, "Far from consumers losing their appetite for green products and services in the downturn, the opposite is true, recent research from consulting company Mobium Group shows."

The article goes on to quote Mobium director Andy Baker's advice to businesses embarking on the sustainability journey in its 'What the experts say' section.

Rowan Dowland, GM of Development at progressive credit union and Mobium Group client mecu, is also interviewed about the success of the mecu business model which puts sustainability at the core of its customer value proposition. Dowland argues that mecu's sustainability approach is key to maintaining customer loyalty and staff engagement at this financial services industry leader with over $1Bn under management.