LOHAS Product Categories

Fact: Innovation is driving an ever-expanding range of more sustainable product and services choices across the consumer landscape.

The LOHAS influence has emerged across all product categories, with entrepreneurs and innovative brands providing alternative options for how people eat, where they live and power their homes, what they wear, how they travel, relax, work and invest.

Hundreds of products and services fit within the six LOHAS product categories. The examples below provide an indication of the range of options within each category.

Mobium Group LOHAS Product Categories


Food & Nutrition

Organic, natural, Fair-Trade Certified and ‘free-from’ foods and beverages, vitamins and dietary supplements

mind and body

Mind & Body

Complementary and alternative therapies such as naturopathy, accupuncture, and massage, alternative health and fitness such as Yoga, Pilates, and Reiki, personal development books, seminars and DVD’s, natural and organic personal care and health and beauty products.


Buildings & Energy

Domestic rainwater tanks, solar electricity and solar hot water systems, grey-water systems, eco-certified building and construction materials such as FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified  timbers, energy-efficient homes, eco-building design and certification services, ultra low-flow and water efficient fixtures and fittings and many more...

home life

Home Life

5 and 6 star energy efficient appliances, recycled paper products, eco-certified furnishings and floor coverings, low-energy lighting, natural and organic linen and clothing, natural cleaning products, non-toxic toys, LOHAS lifestyle and architecture magazines


Transport & Leisure

Hybrid cars and new, ultra-efficient diesels, alternative transport such as car-pooling, rapid uptake of urban public transport, eco and cultural tourism, spas, health and sustainability events and festivals.


Work & Money

Socially responsible investing, ‘green’ home and car loans and workplace wellness programs

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