Living LOHAS Research

Fact: In 2019 just 8% of adult consumers say that they are willing to pay twenty five per cent more for environmentally friendly products and services, down from over fifty per cent in 2007, yet sustainable product sales are booming. Find out how to overcome price barriers in Living LOHAS 6.

Living LOHAS© is a comprehensive research program that provides an up to date fact base on consumer and social trends in Australia relating to sustainability, natural health and wellness.

The project is funded, researched and written exclusively by Mobium Group’s team of researchers, led by Nick Bez and Andy Baker.

Living LOHAS© 6 is the sixth in the Living LOHAS series, published by Mobium Group since 2007. Over this period, Mobium Group has surveyed over 50,000 Australians on 250+ measures related to values, attitudes, behaviours and consumption patterns, and undertaken over 850 in-depth discussions with individuals in their homes, workplaces, leisure and educational environments. The Living LOHAS©6 report provides a detailed review and analysis of the Australian consumer market for healthier, more sustainable products and services from 2007 through until 2019.

Issues covered include:

  • Major environmental concerns
  • Values and attitudes towards sustainability issues and actions at a personal, community, business and government level
  • Market composition, size and growth
  • Consumer segmentation and participation rates
  • Roadblocks to further uptake and key barriers
  • Understanding and awareness of eco-labels and certification marks

The insights generated provide an unparalleled depth of understanding about the motivations of Australians to engage in healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices.