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Living LOHAS© Makes 6 of BandT magazine's 'Top 50'

BandT magazine, Australia's magazine for the marketing, advertising, media and PR industry, compiled the '50 Things You Need to Know about Being Green' list as part of its 'Green Issue' (October 16, 2009).

Mobium's Living LOHAS© research featured in 6 of the 'Top 50', and was described as the 'Gold Standard' for insights about the attitudes of Australian consumers when it comes to the environment and sustainability.

Brown out for Green

WME, one of Australia’s leading environmental publishers, interviewed Nick Bez, Mobium’s research director on his recent trip to the 13th annual LOHAS Forum, held in Boulder, Colorado in late June.

Moving beyond the green pitch

‘Green’ is losing its sting as a sales pitch on the back of growing skepticism about the claims and a decreasing willingness to pay a premium, says marketing researcher Mobium. Instead, a broader suite of personal, community and planetary benefits are in the frame.

Sony’s hi-tech, low-energy flat screens are here…

Mobium Group’s Andy Baker is quoted in an article by Sydney Morning Herald marketing writer, Paul McIntyre.

In response to questions about consumers’ willingness to pay more for a greener TV set, Baker said, “the public appetite for green products had not waned during the downturn, although their preparedness to pay a premium had collapsed.

“Demand is there, absolutely, but don’t ask them to pay a massive premium for it,” he said.

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