Going green still not so easy for consumers, but barriers to further uptake are clear...

In an extract of his speech titled, "Victoria's Challenge, go green but stay in the black" presented at the 2009 VECCI summit at Parliament House, Melbourne, ceo of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Wayne Kayler-Thomson, posed the following question:

 "...beyond the state-wide implications of the need to move to greater use of renewable energy sources, how do we adapt to the need to incorporate environmental awareness at an individual and organisational level?"

Carbon Capture and Storage: Consumers Hear it but Don't Get it

Along with other environmental and sustainability terms, most Australians have heard the words but don't 'get it'. Mobium Group interviews and Living LOHAS surveys of Australians over the past three years have shown that consistently, over 85% of consumers find environmental issues complex and would like clearer information. When it comes to carbon trading, they’ve heard the words and recognise the term, but around 30% can’t provide a definition and half cannot offer an explanation of the impact on their own lives. Of those who can, the most common response is, ‘Prices will rise!’.

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