The Emergence of the Incentivised Environmentalist

"Give them incentive and they will follow" says Ben McNeil, writing recently in The Age newspaper. 

He highlighted the redirection of "smart money" into 'clean tech' innovation as progressive firms look to gain future advantage in the emerging low carbon ecoomy. Citing a UN finance report, the past year was the "first in which new investment in clean technology (solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels) outstripped the old fossil-fuel economy (coal, gas) - by $US40 billion ($A43 billion)".

The article indicates that in the main, entrepreneurs and businesses will only act on sustainability opportunities when there is a clear financial incentive to do so. In the context of the article, the incentive is the potential price disadvantage of carbon costs, based on intensity of use as an input in the future.

But what about consumers? 

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