Carbon Capture and Storage: Consumers Hear it but Don't Get it

Along with other environmental and sustainability terms, most Australians have heard the words but don't 'get it'. Mobium Group interviews and Living LOHAS surveys of Australians over the past three years have shown that consistently, over 85% of consumers find environmental issues complex and would like clearer information. When it comes to carbon trading, they’ve heard the words and recognise the term, but around 30% can’t provide a definition and half cannot offer an explanation of the impact on their own lives. Of those who can, the most common response is, ‘Prices will rise!’.
Whilst media coverage of climate change, carbon trading, renewable energy and other potential solutions to a low carbon economy (including Carbon Capture and Storage) ramps up further in the lead-up to Copenhagen, the majority of Australians are left scratching their heads. Lobbying activity by carbon intensive industries reported today further complicates the issues for everyday consumers. Meanwhile, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is urging a return to the science of climate change, to rally support for action.
On issues such as climate change and carbon trading, Australian consumers want to know: ‘How will this impact me? What difference will it make? What can I do to assist?’
Without a clear explanation of the impacts of climate change and benefits of carbon trading at a personal and household level, government and business leaders will struggle to maintain momentum on this important issue, particularly as the next Federal Election looms large in 2010.